Mission & Philosophy


St. John’s prepares each of its students for lifelong intellectual and spiritual growth by providing a superior educational experience within a nurturing Christian environment.

St. John’s is an Episcopal parish day school serving nearly 600 boys and girls in grades K4 through 8.  Grounded by a commitment to spiritual and ethical values, a love of learning, and the development of strong character, our students build the foundation to grow into caring and successful adults in an ever-changing world

Christian values are central to St. John’s mission and philosophy. To assist each child in focusing attention on the spiritual and moral aspects of daily life, the School is committed to providing students of all denominations and faiths with daily Episcopal worship and sound Christian religious instruction. St. John’s cultivates the personal growth and integrity of each student, welcomes diversity, requires respect for the needs and rights of others, encourages compassion, and promotes awareness of and responsiveness to humanitarian needs.

St. John’s prepares its students for continued achievement and success at the finest secondary schools by offering a rigorous core curriculum which includes English language and literature, mathematics, the sciences, history, social studies, computer technology, and classical and modern languages. Exposure to studio and performing arts through coursework and extra-curricular activities promotes creativity and self-expression. The School maintains high goals and standards for academic performance, encourages intellectual curiosity, and focuses on the development of life skills, with particular emphasis on self-discipline, a conscientious work ethic, and effective organizational and study habits.

St. John’s sets high expectations for behavior and actively fosters the development of strong character, self-confidence, personal responsibility, and healthy social and emotional well being. Christian values are reinforced through daily chapel lessons, weekly divinity classes, and community service opportunities offered throughout the school year. Programs in physical fitness and interscholastic athletics emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, and the importance of personal fitness. The School believes that all of these traits contribute to shaping well-rounded individuals who demonstrate respect and appreciation for themselves and others.