Through Form III (1st grade), homework assignments are designed for acquiring mastery through practice.  Some children need more practice than others, so the homework varies from child to child.  By the time a child is in Form IV (2nd grade), homework is assigned every day.  In addition to its use in practice for mastery, reinforcing problem-solving skills, and improving expository and creative writing, homework serves an increasingly diagnostic purpose as the years go by.  It is only through seeing a child’s specific areas of mastery and those needing improvement that the School can tailor assistance to the student’s individual needs.  We strongly encourage parents to let children do their own work and not to frustrate this purpose of homework.

By the time children are in Form VI (4th grade), they will be expected to do increasing study and review at home.  To this end our students are constantly reminded of the value of reading and re-reading their textbooks and notebooks, of memorizing important data, and of synthesizing and summarizing information.