Standardized Testing

Since very early in the School’s history, our policy has always been to serve students ranging from average to superior aptitude, ability, and achievement. 

St. John’s students as a group tend to have higher achievement test scores relative to their indicated ability than do independent school students as a whole.  St. John’s curriculum is designed for a high standard of achievement, and across the board, St. John’s students have been expected to learn the techniques and value of good study habits and diligent work.

Beginning in Form V, parents will receive a printout of their children’s test scores from the Educational Records Bureau, a testing agency founded in 1927 to evaluate students’ progress and curricula in independent schools.  Testing is administered late in the spring; students’ completed work is sent to ERB for computerized scoring and analysis, and reports are then returned to St. John’s in the summer.  In 2015, our students overall scored in the 92nd percentile in Quantitative Reasoning, the 90th percentile in Mathematics, the 91st percentile in Writing Concepts and Skills and the 93rd percentile in Vocabulary.  Our Form X students (8th grade) scored in the 95th percentile in Quantitative Reasoning, in the 94th percentile for Reading Comprehension, and in the 94th percentile in Vocabulary, as well as in the 96th percentile in Mathematics. St. John’s students overall improved their ERB scores by an average of 1% over the national average, on top of an increase last year of 2%, a very positive trend that indicates that our students are the best and the brightest, and that the St. John’s education is equipping our students with all the skills they need to take on the new economy.