Primary School

St. John’s school curriculum, from beginning to end, Form I through Form X, is designed to develop the academic and intellectual habits and skills required for success in secondary school, college, and throughout life.  Knowing that physical activity enhances the learning process, all students have recess or PE daily.

All Form I and Form II (K4 and K5) classrooms have one main classroom teacher with an assistant teacher, so each child receives individualized instruction every day. Our facility is inviting and cheerful, with rooms large enough to accommodate the students’ active play as well as desk-centered classwork. A Multi-purpose Room serves as a large meeting area for daily Chapel, as well as providing space for computer, art, and music instruction. A highlight of the Multi-purpose Room, added in 2016, is the Fab Lab, where students can create, learn, and grow using hands-on resources. Our recently renovated playground also offers the students a delightful place for play and physical education.

We strive to encourage a sense of independence in all students as early as Form I. The accelerated program we offer helps all students, from the beginning of their St. John’s experience, to become highly motivated and self-sufficient.