At St. John’s, the Christian faith is a part of the daily life of every student. Chapel begins the day for students at all School campuses. 

At the Lower and Middle campuses, a full Eucharist is also celebrated once a week, in the consecrated Price Chapel at Middle, and at the lovely historic St. John’s Church at Lower. Students in Forms VII through X (5th through 8th grades) participate in these services as acolytes and lay readers.

Divinity classes are part of the school experience for all students regardless of the nature of their religious faith. Christ’s two great commandments are central to the curriculum throughout all grade levels: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind…and love your neighbor as yourself.” All students participate in outreach projects each year that allow them to live out these commandments.  These outreach projects include fulfilling local needs by helping organizations like Cornerstone Kids, Metropolitan Ministries, and Faith Cafe.

“Many in Episcopal schools have learned: adherence to a particular faith tradition is not a deterrent to religious diversity, it can in fact serve as a catalyst for it. It turns out to be a welcoming mat. I think it has to do with what may well be an overused word these days: authenticity. When we are authentically ourselves, others different from us are invited to do the same. Our differences are not smoothed over or ignored; rather, we come to a common table with a confidence that we have both something to give and something to learn.”

St. John’s Youth Groups for grades 6 through 8, and 9 through 12, are available to enhance the spiritual experience for School students. At Youth Group, Bible studies, fun overnights and lock-ins, and mission trips to help those less fortunate all reinforce the teachings of the School. Click here to email the Church to find out more.