Life at Primary School

St. John’s Primary School is the ideal place for little ones to start their academic career.

Dedicated teachers, many of whom have been with St. John’s for more than 10 years, guide Form I and II (K4 and K5) students through either a full- or half-day of learning and fun in classrooms that are bright, colorful, and age-appropriate. ELMO digital projectors, touch screen computers, and SMART Boards in every classroom, as well as iPads, one for every student, bring cutting-edge technology to enhance the academic subjects that St. John’s faculty excels at teaching. Children learn to read, do basic math, and begin learning Spanish, as well as learning to fill other students’ “buckets” with positive reinforcement and friendship.

Daily, Primary School students have a brief but reverent chapel service that includes praying for others in need, singing songs, and reciting inspirational poetry.

Special events and treats are part of a typical year for St. John’s Primary School students.

Special events and treats are part of a typical year for St. John’s Primary Division students. Frequent field trips to nearby Kate Jackson Park for parties and theatrical productions are a highlight of the Primary experience, and children are also visited at their campus by animal handlers, puppet performers, and magicians several times a year. Every major holiday is celebrated with a treat day or party, and the year culminates with a huge Circus Day event, complete with carnival games, a DJ, crafts, and lunch.

K5 students become pilgrims and native Americans each Thanksgiving as part of Grandparents’ Day, and also present a Spring Fling each year, a musical theater production that has included Jack and the Beanstalk and The Rainbow Fish. Parents are invited to visit each classroom weekly to serve as guest readers and to attend weekly Parent Chapels. Class sizes are small and we maintain a ratio of one teacher to every ten students.

Fun and learning go hand in hand at St. John’s Primary School!

Ana Ibanez, Principal of the Primary School