Parents at SJE


What is it like being a parent at St. John’s? In the 1950s, St. John’s had a reputation for academic excellence, as we still do today. But in the past, parents were encouraged to remain detached from the educational day. As the times have changed, so has our school. Just as iPads, SMART Boards, and advanced science laboratory equipment have replaced inkwells and chalkboards, so has a new philosophy expressing a more open, holistic learning process replaced archaic notions of learning. At St. John’s, a partnership is created between student, teacher, and parent, and parents are an integral piece of the plan for their child’s academic success.


“St. John’s faculty and staff don’t just care about you while you are at the School, they are there for you long after. This School and this Church helped me raise my son. I am a single mom, and St. John’s was like a second parent for my child and a partner for me.”

“My son’s Form VI (2nd grade) teacher made learning so much fun that he never wanted to miss a day.  He got in the car with a big smile after school, eager to tell me what they learned.  The year was filled with ‘Mrs. Carroll said…’ I loved it!”

“I asked my daughter why she loved St. John’s and she said that she loves Divinity. She pronounced it Diviny… Like div-in-ny… without the ‘t.’ It was really cute. Our family is so blessed to have found the perfect school and we are looking forward to a great future with St. John’s.”

“Two special teachers brought out my son’s love for reading in Forms I and II.  To this day, he is an avid reader and I owe it to those two amazing teachers at the Primary Division.”

“Something great about the school is that life-long friendships are made here. My kids are now attending, and many of my St. John’s friends from childhood have kids going to school with my kids. It’s a bit of a reunion!”

“Each Division Head really knows her students.  I am always impressed how spot on their assessment of my child is.  If I call or stop them in the hall with a question, they do not need to pull a file to read about my child. They can talk right then and there, in spite of the fact that each of them has hundreds of students at her Division.”

“I am constantly amazed not only by what the students are learning but by the organizational and life skills they are gaining.  To see my sports-obsessed ten year old son sit down and figure out when to study in advance for a test absolutely blows my mind.”

One of the ways St. John’s parents participate in the life of the school is as members of the Parents’ Club and the Dads’ Club.

St. John’s has an active and motivated Parents’ Club, overseen by a Parents’ Club Board.  The purpose of this organization is to support the mission of the School through the enrichment of its programs.  All parents and guardians with children enrolled at the School are members of the Parents’ Club and are encouraged to participate.  The Club welcomes all levels of participation and assistance.

Volunteer opportunities are an important part of the St. John’s experience.  The Parents’ Club provides an effective framework to organize volunteer activities.  The Club, through its many volunteers, provides assistance with school-wide events such as Field Day and the Book Fair, welcomes new families into the School, plans teacher appreciation events, coordinates the annual Celebratio fundraiser as well as other fundraising activities, and generally strives to enhance the St. John’s community.

St. John’s has a Dads’ Club whose mission is to provide service opportunities for students throughout the year. The Club sponsors the School’s golf tournament to help pay for the costs of service projects, collects needed items for the disadvantaged at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and organizes an all-School Service Day annually. Dads are asked to pay a nominal dues fee and are asked to help out whenever possible.