Anonymous $100,000 donation funds technology upgrade for St. John’s

TAMPA, FL (April 30, 2020)—Thanks to a $100,000 gift from an anonymous benefactor, St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School, South Tampa’s preeminent K(4)-8 private school, will receive major, immediate technology upgrades throughout the school.

“At St. John’s, we believe every child has a unique gift to give to the world, and we strive to help them find and nurture it,” said Hugh Jebson, Head of School. “All of us are deeply grateful for and inspired by this transformative support and philanthropic leadership. It is a powerful endorsement of the outstanding work our faculty are doing to serve each child, as well as confidence and partnership in the promising and exciting future we are building for children at St. John’s.”

The funding allows St. John’s to further enhance and expand the use of technology in providing remote teaching and learning, greater student access, and increasing student-centered learning opportunities. The gift will fund over 200 Apple iPad Wifis and Apple pencils along with additional tech equipment for Innovation classes and enrichment programs.

“Our gift to St. John’s is driven by our desire to help as many teachers and students as possible, and to give back to a school that has done so much for our family,” said the donors. “We have witnessed firsthand the tremendous work the teachers and staff have put into adapting to the unforeseen challenges of the virus (COVID-19), and we have been incredibly impressed by the education our children receive. Now more than ever, we feel blessed to be part of the St. John’s community. The last several weeks have only reinforced our feeling that sending our children to St. John’s was the best decision we could make for their education.”

The new hardware will arrive in May, at just the right time, in preparation for the start of the 2020-2021 school year and the different scenarios it might bring following the coronavirus pandemic. With the new technology, the virtual connection for the entire school is strengthened and St. John’s teachers will no doubt further integrate technology purposefully to complement and fortify their curriculum with engaging multidisciplinary approaches.

“The support this wonderful family has given will greatly help us meet the unprecedented challenges of today and plan for the better days that lie on the horizon,” said Jebson. “Whatever the start of next school year may bring, St. John’s will be prepared, will respond, and will continue to serve and support our students and their families. Every St. John’s teacher and child will benefit from this incredible generosity.”

He added that “though the donors wish to remain anonymous, I believe their investment reflects that of our school’s supporters who have found a St. John’s education to be the pivotal foundation for success in their lives,” said Jebson. “Every contribution counts in supporting and advancing our students’ educational experiences. We hope this generous gift inspires others who can to join this wonderful family in getting behind our shared vision for the future.”


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