St. John’s, Frameworks of Tampa Bay Partner to Provide Student Support

TAMPA, FL (July 21, 2020)—St. John’s, in partnership with Frameworks of Tampa Bay, recognizes the needs of its students, families, teachers, and staff affected by the impacts of COVID-19. To support students’ transition back to school, Frameworks is excited to coordinate and facilitate “SJE-SEL Strong™”: Social and Emotional Learning Support for a Strong Transition Back to School.

The program—exclusive to St. John’s—is a series of five 1-hour virtual SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) workshops focused on providing students with the SEL knowledge and skills needed for emotional wellness and creates structured opportunity for students to share and process their emotions.

“There are social and emotional adjustments involved with a physical return to school following prolonged disruption and isolation,” said Hugh Jebson, Head of School. “We are pleased and proud to partner with Frameworks of Tampa Bay to provide vital support in this critical aspect of child development.”

The recorded sessions will focus on SEL competencies such as self-awareness and relationship skills, and provide meaningful opportunities for students to relate and share, and prepare to return to school, ready and resilient.

Parents and guardians will be provided with resources for at-home skill reinforcement and suggested language for continuing these important conversations with their children. For families who are unable to attend, a resource packet will be shared, along with the invitation to connect by phone for support in utilizing the resources, as needed.

This wonderful opportunity has been made possible through the generous philanthropic leadership of a St. John’s school community member. View the SJE-SEL Strong™ sheet for more information.


Frameworks of Tampa Bay is a not‐for‐profit organization whose mission is to teach youth to manage their emotions, develop healthy relationships, and make good decisions for academic, career, and personal success. The organization teaches a core set of social and emotional attitudes, values, and skills designed to help children, teens and adults more effectively handle life challenges to succeed in academic, social and professional environments.