Board of Trustees

The St. John's Board of Trustees

Together the Board and the Head of School plan strategically for the long range advancement and benefit of the School and its students.

The Trustees of St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School act collectively to define and help to fulfill and advance St. John’s mission, determine the School’s strategic direction, and secure and protect its financial resources.

Trustees of 2017-2018

Jeff Hunt Chair
Dr. Greg Gaar Vice Chair
The Rev. Charles Connelly Rector, St. John’s Church
David Malizia Treasurer
Carren Rieger-Friess Secretary
Robert Stephens Head of School (Ex Officio)
John Marston, ’71 Senior Warden
Greg Hearing Vestry Liaison
Maria Lucas Conrad Jeanie Poley
Sacha Dyson Greg Rix
Janice Gagliardo Hampton Stephens
Don Jennewein Sarah Watkins
Jan Kelley Eric Williams