Academic Calendar


Full calendar coming soon!

To add Google Calendars to iPhone:

1. Tap and hold the iCal button to copy the .ics link.
2. On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Other.
3. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar.
4. In the Server section, paste the .ics link you copied.
5. Next, you can edit the description.
6. Make sure the Use SSL switch is active.
7. Finally, tap Save.

To add Google Calendars to Android:

1. Tap on the “iCal” Calendar button of the calendar(s) you wish to add.
2. Tap Download.
3. Select “Open” the calendar in your cell phone’s native calendar.
5. Finally, in the upper right corner, select “Add All.”

*If you have followed these instructions with no success, we suggest downloading the Google Calendar application and repeating these steps using the Google Calendar.