Primary School

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Welcome to the Primary School!

At St. John’s Episcopal Primary School we believe that, as teachers of young children we need to prepare our students to be professionals of tomorrow. The way we need to educate children changes rapidly especially with technology and the way we are bringing up our children has changed. Teachers not only play one role in today’s world, they must be a coach, facilitator and supported of student’s pursuit of knowledge.

The philosophy of the early childhood program very much concentrates on developing the whole child. The school’s program is accelerated from K4 all the way through eighth grade. The early childhood program’s main focus is developing the skills to help students learn in the accelerated classroom.  Not focused solely on learning the benchmarks needed but also the social and emotional needs each child needs to cope and positively cultivate in the classroom.  The school’s mission is to provide a “superior educational experience in a nurturing Christian environment.” The early childhood program provides this by constantly monitoring the student’s needs in all aspects of each child’s daily classroom experience.  We embrace a philosophy and approach that recognizes that each child comes to us with unique backgrounds, dreams, and goals, and that it is our responsibility to provide a nurturing environment that helps each student be successful. What distinguishes St. John’s is that we provide a safe and nurturing environment in which each child is encouraged to take risks, to stretch their thinking, and challenge themselves to their fullest potential.

Ana Ibanez
Primary School Principal
Mrs. Ana R. Ibanez

Primary Curriculum

The Primary School of St. John’s offers challenging academic programs for Pre-K/(K4) and K/(K5) students within a nurturing Christian environment.

Early emphasis on the building blocks of phonics and mathematics means every St. John’s student leaves the Primary School reading independently and in command of basic math facts. We also recognize the importance of educating the whole child and offer instruction in the fine arts, as well as enrichment classes such as P.E., computer, library, science, divinity, character education, and Spanish.

Primary Grading

At St. John’s, students must earn their grades.  However, the School does not regard grades as a goal, because we feel that as children learn to study and to take responsibility for their own work, they become motivated students and will then earn appropriate grades.

We are impressed more by Cs earned by students on their own, than by an A that a student earns with close parental help or excessive supervision.  We strongly believe that each child must learn to be responsible for his or her own studies.  This is a core tenet of the St. John’s philosophy.

During students’ years at St. John’s, we continuously assess their skills and abilities and seek to inspire each child to achieve at a level commensurate with these abilities.

Achievement of students in Pre-K and K (K4 and K5) are rated in a different manner than the rest of the School, one more appropriate to their skill development in these early years.  This rating system is explained in detail to parents and appears on their report cards.

Students at the Primary School do not take standardized tests or exams.

Primary Homework

Starting in K/(K5), students bring home a reader twice a week to read aloud at home for practice. On Wednesdays, all workbooks go home with K/K(5) students, so parents can review their work and see their progress. From the beginning, we teach students the value of structured after-school academic work, which helps them become used to the idea that learning does not end at the end of the school day. Parents, too, benefit from getting this behind-the-scenes view of their child’s growth.

Contact the Primary School

‘Ms. Jennie’ as the students affectionately call her, has been with St. John’s since 2003! She’s the first joyful face you see when you enter the Primary School, and is always there to lend a hand,  ensuring each child is completely taken care of.

Jennie Fenley
Primary School Front Desk Contact
Ms. Jennie Fenley