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Thank you for being a part of the St. John’s Family! On this page you will find all the resources and links needed as a St. John’s Parent.

Homework and Test Calendar Pages

Below you can find all Lower School homework and test dates, all Middle School homework and test dates are available on My Backpack.

2nd Grade Homework and Tests

Thursday, 4/26: Lit. Test: story on p. 235/study vocab. words too
Friday, 4/27: Spelling test list #26/vocabulary unit #6/3 sentences
Math test


3rd Grade Homework and Tests

Literature Textbooks Login Information:

Username: journeys

Passwords: eagles


Follow the link below to access the online Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary workshop. Once on the site, click on the Green workbook.

Every Tuesday students will have a Vocabulary Test.

Every Friday students will have a Dictation Test.

4th Grade Homework and Tests

There will be a grammar test on Apr 12, Th, to all classes.
There will be a sequencing test in reading on Apr 10th to Godsey and Price, and on Apr11 to Salzer.
There will be a test in math on division next Friday, April 13th.
Unit 7 Test – All three classes – Thursday, April 12
Students will be tested on the meaning and spelling of all twelve words from Unit 7.  These words are found on pgs. 70-75 from the orange Sadler-Oxford workbook.  Students have also made flash cards for each word found within their note card packs (with the purple cover).   On the test, students will have to spell all twelve words correctly as well as answer questions about word meaning, usage within a sentence, as well as questions about synonyms and antonyms.  Students may also practice from the exercise pages in the workbook for Unit 7 and from their review sheet (handed out Tuesday, 4/10).
Please email me at if you have any questions.
Chapter 6 Test – All three classes – Friday, April 6
Students should study from their review sheet and notes found within the social studies tab in their zip binders.  The test will cover information from the social studies textbook, Chapter 6, pgs. 164-185.  Students have a review sheet within their binder that has highlighted vocabulary terms and highlighted details from the lesson summaries (handed out Wednesday, 4/4).  The highlighted vocabulary words are the only terms from each lesson that will be covered on the test.
Additionally, the highlighted details and statements on the lesson summaries will be turned into multiple choice questions on the test.  Students should study the highlighted details on the review sheet and predict how they will be turned into questions on the test.
Please email me at if you have any questions.

classg  (Mrs. Godsey’s class)

classp  (Mrs. Price’s class)

classsalzer  (Mr. Salzer’s class)

Password:  eagles123

Hot Lunch Program

St. John’s hot lunch program is provided by Wholesome Tummies, whose mission is to make fresh, nutritious, and exciting foods available to every child, everywhere.

From healthy, tasty mac and cheese to comforting shepherd’s pie to cool salads and hot soups, the food from Wholesome Tummies is organic, made with no artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup, and includes whole grains and fresh veggies and fruits.  Wholesome Tummies’ delicious hot lunches are available at all three St. John’s campuses.  Click here or go to to register your child and order.